How To Develop A Mobile Application in 2024? [Must Read]

Today, in 2022, there are around 6.648 billion smartphone users, which makes up 83.72% of the population. Among them, 93% are millennials. And just so you know, the millennials open mobile applications 50+ times in a day. So, if you are thinking about how to develop a mobile application, you are on the right path.

With a mobile application launched on the App Store and Google Play store, you will be able to attract leads via your app. This will be possible only if your application is developed after putting in a whole lot of thought and proper planning. Without any delay let’s move ahead and read an article on how to develop a mobile application in 2024!

Things to Consider While Getting Mobile App Developed!

Before we move ahead with actually, we’ll have to make a stop at the things to consider while developing a mobile application. Let’s see the top mobile app development trends:

  • You must always look out for the competition. If you are building a dating application there are already master apps available that people love, like Tinder, Bumble Bee, etc. so, do the research on what they have and what better you can offer to the users.
  • You must look out for the interactive UI. The interactive UI (user interface) will allow users to navigate through the application easily and won’t be much clutter on his/her screen.
  • Your mobile app should be user-friendly. The buttons, or features you add to the mobile app development, make sure they are easy to access with a tap and should have much hassle to get the final result. This way, you’ll get a better user-retention rate on the mobile app.
  • Last but not least is the security. Make sure your mobile application is secured. Safety is the topmost priority for all application users nowadays. The reason is an increase in cyber theft.

How to develop a mobile application? – Step-by-step guide

Step by Step guide

Now, as you know four must-have features to keep in mind for mobile app development, it’s time we move on to our actual topic. Here, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to develop a mobile app that will help you earn leads and money. Let’s read further:

Step 1: Do the research

The first step in any planning be it a start-up or mobile application development is always RESEARCH. It is the most important part of the planning, as with this you’ll be able to figure out what you need to add to your application and what you should skip. Do the market research on what type of mobile applications the user prefers whether is it native or cross-platform, do they like complex or simple, and much more as per your niche. 

Step 2: Create a Concept

Once you are done with the research, it’s time to create a concept for your mobile app. Align your research and your idea together and form a concept of the best mobile application you’ll develop. All these should be as per the business goals and your vision for the application. You might need to make a few modifications as per the research but don’t change it entirely {if not necessary}.

Step 3: Decide the App monetization strategy

The next step is to decide on the app monetization strategy. What is it? Well, you are building an app. You need to decide how it will help you earn money! It is through advertising, or you are going to make it a paid app. There are many possibilities, check the app monetization options and build a static app monetization strategy for yourself.

Step 4: Plan features you require in the mobile app

Then, plan the features you are going to provide in your mobile application. The features will be as per your mobile application niche. As in if the app is about date matching, you need to add features of chat, video calling, user profile, arrange a date at the nearest restaurant, etc. However, if it is a grocery store app, you will need to add the features of online payment gateways, cart, wishlist, profile, checkout, and much more.

Step 5: Sketch the wireframe and user journey

Once you have decided everything, it’s time for you to decide on a wireframe of a mobile application and the user journey. This step will help you in laying out the exact path of the user journey to complete the desired action. Here you will understand if reaching the end goal is too lengthy or confusing. You can make some changes as per the result.

Step 6: Design UI {User Interface}

Once you’ve prepared the wireframe and user journey and are satisfied with it, the next step is the UI. As said in the above section, the UI should be user-friendly and interactive for a higher user retention rate. Add the colors, graphics, designs, amazing fonts, etc. to make it more lively! Here you can get help from graphic designers or web designers.

Make sure you are creating an appeal that matches your brand and its voice. This is also known as a mockup round, here you’ll know what your application will look like! And you can make changes accordingly (if needed). You can create the mockup on the best mockup tools like:

  • Adobe XD
  • Mediamodifier
  • Placeit
  • Custom Scene

Step 7: Get the coding done

If you are satisfied with the result of the mockup round or you can say with the UI, get the coding started. The main and critical step of mobile app development. For this step, you might have to hire mobile application developers. You can also choose from one of the best mobile app development companies to get your app developed. 

Step 8: Do Q/A for every feature and function

Once your mobile app is developed, it’s time to do the Q/A. This process will help to figure out the issues, or loopholes in the mobile application. Those issues or bugs might slow down the working of your app. Hence the Q/A for every feature on the app is necessary! A few best Q/A testing apps are: 1) Lambda Test and 2) Testigma.

Step 9: Solve the issues {If arise}

If you find issues while doing Q&A, ask your developers to fix them and redo the whole process of Q&A testing. If you got the green flag on that step, move ahead to Step 10 of our process.

Step 10: Launch your application on app stores

The second last step of how to develop a mobile application process is launching the app. You might be wondering, why not last? For that, you’ll have to read the next step. But for now, let’s focus on launching the mobile application.

Make sure your application is available on all iOS platform’s app stores for wide audience coverage. Along with the launch, you’ll have to market it so that people know you have a mobile app now. You can take the help of digital marketing to do the launch campaign right!

Step 11: Keep your mobile app up-to-date

The reason the launch was not the last step is that the application needs to stay updated. So, you can say the mobile application development process is never-ending. Always look for the reviews from the users and use them to keep your app up-to-date. If not you might want to add new features from time to time. Hence, it is the continuous process of keeping your mobile app user-friendly and loved by the audience.


This was all you needed to know about how to develop a mobile application in 2022. With the tips in the first section and steps on how to develop a mobile application in the second section, you now have an idea. As for the pricing of mobile app development, it depends on many factors. You can say there are multiple factors affecting the mobile app development cost. Get your mobile app developed now and enjoy the fruits it gives you! For more informative content, visit DTechunt!